Message from the Commodore

Club Manager

We are sorry to say that our Club Manager Connor Bedwell will be leaving us at the end of March. Connor has been a huge asset to the Club, and I am sure you will share my sentiments when I say that I will miss his warm welcome from behind the bar. We will be seeing Connor though after that as he is looking forward to visiting the Club as a member and enjoying the hospitality.

We will be advertising for a replacement very shortly; if you are interested or know someone who is, please contact us at:

Please help

We have two important issues on which we would like to ask for your help.  

We are seeking a volunteer who is qualified or is prepared to qualify as a personal licence holder that would be able to backfill the role of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) in the hopefully unlikely but possible event that the need arises, and support Landside in ensuring the club is fulfilling its responsibilities. I should add here that we do not expect the need for a DPS to arise urgently as Connor has confirmed that he will continue to fulfill that role until a replacement is appointed to the Club Manager position.

The DPS has day-to-day responsibility for the management of the business of selling alcohol. The Club Manager role includes the requirement to be the DPS, however by ensuring that we have the support of a qualified personal licence holder, we can ensure that if the Club Manager role is vacant for any period of time, then we can ensure our business continuity, and that person would also be able to help advise Landside and provide assurance with regard operations.

This sounds far more demanding than it actually is. What we need is someone who is a regular visitor to the club and lives local to it.  They will have an understanding of the business and of the social issues and potential problems associated with the sale of alcohol. There is training involved – one day – which MYC would of course pay for. More information can be found at:

If you are interested please contact us at:

The second issue is the Crowdfunding initiative. Members have already been generous, some of them amazingly so, but I am afraid we are still £600 short of the total we need to qualify for match funding. I am painfully aware that this is the first time since the present clubhouse was built that your Officers and Executive have come to the membership to request extra funding beyond the norm. This is because of a backlog of maintenance and the impact of the pandemic. Can I appeal to you all to contribute if you have not already done so or, if you have already contributed, to consider increasing your contribution. Please contribute if you can so that we do not lose the £1650 match funding and we can make these important improvements to your club. It will only take 60 contributions of £10, or 30 of £20 to reach our target. The deadline for contributions is 2pm on the 4 February 2022.

Here is the link to our crowdfunding page:


I have had some feedback that not everyone is receiving news. We will ensure that news is posted on the website, and we provide Facebook updates, but if you are not receiving emails and the newsletter, you can sign up to the newsletter below.

In the meantime, can I offer the hope that you all get through the next few weeks fit and well and enjoy a long, fine and successful summer sailing, rowing or windsurfing.

                                        Richard F Lewis,

Commodore, Mumbles Yacht Club.