Club Update – 12th May

Commodores Message

As you will all be only too well aware, the lock down continues and the Yacht Club is still closed.

However, life must go on and some of the work of the club must continue. Given the absence of any club income from training/sailing and the bar and the continuation of some expenses, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members who have renewed their membership so promptly. For those of you who have not got around to it yet, frankly, the sooner you renew the better. If anyone has any queries regarding their renewal, please contact our Membership Secretary, Rachel Ace,

I would also like to welcome our new club members from the Mumbles Amateur Rowing Club and look forward to meeting them on and off the water as soon as this becomes possible. 

Some of our officers are having to continue full time working throughout the lock down and, given their professional responsibilities, are under even more pressure than normal. Despite this,  MYC is continuing to look at any mechanism for starting some on-the-water activities as soon as possible. Given the stance of national bodies, both rowing and the RYA, to ban sailing and rowing at present, combined with the on-going need for social distancing, it is very difficult to see what could be done. There is also the need to ensure that none of us create any situation like that faced by RNLI last month on the Dorset Coast.

We will continue to look at this issue in the hope that we can find a safe way forward and reinstate some sailing and rowing before the end of the summer.

For those of our dinghy and windsurfing members who are trying to stay fit and may have experienced rowing, you will be aware of the similar fitness requirements for heart and lungs, upper body strength and legs, Tom Brain, one of our new rower members,  is a rowing coach and a competitor in the current International Coastal Sculling Championship. He is hosting a weekly 40 minute keep fit session on line. The session runs every Sunday at 10.00am and is suitable for any fitness level. The session is open to all members of MYC. Zoom is easy to use and allows us to connect together and see each other whilst exercising in our homes. There is an opportunity for a chat afterwards, which is welcome at this time of lock down and isolation. If you would like to join in, please contact Tom on He will send you an invitation to participate.

For the present, stay safe.

Best Wishes,

Richard F. Lewis.


Hopefully most already know, but at 1030 on a Sunday morning, to replace our on the water activities, we are running a series of eSailing using VR Inshore.

All that are on the MYC Dinghy and Catamaran WhatsApp groups already know, but if you’d also like some information then please drop Richard a line at and he’ll get you on!


With the up coming CYRC scheduled 30th May, then we are going to try to run it as an eCYRC using VR Inshore. We will have to get people to register, and details to follow next week, so that we can set it all up, but it will hopefully keep our competitive edge going!

Club Finance and protection

We have been working hard to keep the club afloat during these times, and wanted to assure the membership that we have been actively seeking grant monies available to us at this time, trying to work out whether we can claim on our insurance, cancelled all services not required through the lock down, put in processes to enable us to open up as soon as allowed, as well as putting all of our staff onto furlough in order to both protect the club finances and not leave staff members out of work.

Obviously this is a tough time, but hopefully we will come out of it in good stead.


It is with sadness that we have to report that once again thieves appear to be in the area, with one of the dinghies in the cat park having its road base attempted to be stolen from under a boat. Thanks to the quick mobilization through our WhatsApp groups, we were able to stop this and move it into a safe location. The thieves were equipped, as it had had the chain snapped with bolt croppers. It might be worth a quick trip down past your boats to make sure that they are OK, plenty of club members pass that way and are reporting back when things are awry.

Sailing, power boating, rowing, windsurfing, and anything else on the water

As mentioned in the Commodores message, we are actively working towards a plan of how we can exit the lock down and get us back onto and into the water. This has a number of logistical challenges which we are trying to overcome, and put together policies that we can follow in each separate activity in order to get on the water without putting anyone in harms way.

All of our on the water activities are currently cancelled until at least the middle of June, and we are keeping the calendar up to date. It’s a real shame to see all of these events cancelled, but we will do what we can to get us on the water as soon as possible.

Until next time