Website updates

MYC website updates.

After much well deserved nagging, the photos page has been brought up to date so the site in general doesn’t look so dated. If you have photos to donate please let us know; they are the lifeblood of the site really. Instructions at top of photos page.

The photos page shows some simple stats (again) and most/least viewed photos; give the least viewed some love 

You can comment on photos. This is a trial. If it’s abused we’ll have to remove it (again).

News items also have a comment facility now.

There is now a very simple experimental chat page for buy/sell/swap crew wanted/available etc.

The results page has been morphed into a more general racing page, which is update to date with 2018 info.

The training page has been updated for 2018.

It should be more mobile/tablet friendly now. Let us know any screen sizes it fails completely on. In portrait mode it shows the site as a single column with the photos removed. In landscape mode it shows the site somewhat like a desktop.

Use the contact form (email icon top right) for feedback and suggestions for further changes to the site.