Racing’s Changing

After a review of some of the racing fleet, we’ve decided to have a slight change to the racing in Mumbles.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing drastic, just the introduction of a few extra races where we  can.

In order to use the water a little more, and to spice things up a little too, we’re going to introduce a fairly short pursuit race into the calendar on the same day as the Sunday series when we can.

It will have a target time of an 45 minutes for a Topper, and we’ll publish the start times on the website for each of our scheduled start times (1030, 1400, 1630).

After this, we’ll then have our two normal club races (target time of 40 minutes each), as we realise that it may be a little short for the F18’s and Dart’s otherwise!

So that should give us 3 races, 3 hours on the water.

We shan’t run this format through the Winter series (as it may be a little cold) but we may review this on feedback from competitors.

We’ll aim to use our more experiences race officers for OOD for these races.

Whilst we learn, times will be based on the standard PN formula.

You never know, it might become a spin off series in itself …..

First one is Race 1 of the Autumn series, October 1st.