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Used for the help posts in the Destructions menu.

How to add news

Login – Go to dashboard – All Posts – Click “Add New” button.

Enter Title and body text, uploading any images as you like.

Tick News category – and Training Category if appropriate.  Training news is listed on the website Training page as well as the Home page and News page.  To *only* show the news item on the Training page (why?), just tick the Training category but leave the News category unticked.

Click Update.  News appears on MYC immediately.

To edit, go to the list of posts in the dashboard and click Edit on the appropriate post – do edits and click Update.

To delete, go to the list of posts in the dashboard and click Trash on the appropriate post.

You can also get to the post from MYC – click the date when viewing the news on a single page – that links to the post here and if you are logged in you can just click “edit” at the bottom of the content or on the header bar.

News items are auto tweeted.

They are not auto facebooked.  Go to facebook and drop down the cog icon top-right and select “use facebook as…”  MYC page.  Post an update linking to the news item.  Try and add an image and some body text (replicate the whole news text even) – not just a raw link .  Raw links are not well read based on the stats.

If you don’t see the MYC page in your “use facebook as” menu, contact Colin to become an author.