Overview of MYC Admin site


It’s very simple! – just takes a few paragraphs to explain 🙂

To add news to the main MYC website, add a “post” here and select the category as “general”.  Multiple categories can be useful – for example if a news item that is also about training, then it will show up on the home page and the training page.  (Currently only 2 categories).

The post editor is a pain when it comes to new lines and new paragraphs.  You can use “||” (bar character twice) to represent a newline without new paragraph; it shows as || in the editor but converts to a newline when displaying on the website.  The “Enter” key in the editor will add a new paragraph.

It’s nice to include photos in your news items.  Use the “Add Media” button.  You can also add PDFs that way.  Don’t try and add Word or Excel files etc directly; always export them as PDFs first.

If the editor is doing your head in, just get the content in the post and I’ll tidy it up; I usually review posts and micro-tweak for a consistent layout anyway.

Clicking the timestamp of a news item on the main website loads the post in to the admin post-editor for tweaks if you are logged in – it’s a useful shortcut.

When you post news, think also about adding a link to it from facebook and twitter.  Various people have the twitter password; ask around.


Edit the content (not title) of this post to add a newsflash banner.  Delete the content to make it go away again.


Various “pages” (as opposed to “posts”) here are used to populate the website (e.g. “About”, “Galley”, “NOR and SIs”,”Racing”) – edit them as necessary.  Some of the website is still hardwired text, if you want to tweak it let me know and I’ll turn it into a page to edit (e.g. the membership page).


High res burgee: http://www.mumblesyachtclub.co.uk/media/mycburgee.jpg

Royalty free images for use in posters etc: https://www.pexels.com


If you want a new event page set up, call me.  Example.

If you have forgotten your login or need new logins for new people, call me.

If you’re totally confused, call me 🙂

CJ: 07470 525348 | colin@sailwave.com